Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Linux and Open Source - Are Both One?

When people talk about Linux they equate it with Open Source and vice versa. This is altogether not false as the open source revolution was started by BSD but the mass acceptance to it was brought about by Linux.

A few years ago open source apps were only available for Linux. But now the scenario has changed. Open source apps are not only for Linux but they are also available for windows. And this is really necessary for changing the misconceptions about Linux and open source apps.

Consider the case of Firefox or Ubuntu (thanks a million times to Mozilla Foundation). The whole misconception about open source apps or operating systems being not user-friendly is finally laid to rest.

Particularly, Firefox has shown that open source apps can be more user-friendly and innovative than their closed-source counterparts. And why they should not be - is not the collective greater than the lone?

Now, open source is not only Linux or BSD or related to a single entity but it is everywhere. And this is where open source wins - that its fundamental goals are now being realized - that the open source model for software development can truly be innovative and bring out products that are outstanding.

And the laurels for this goes to the developers of open source operating systems and apps. Everyday a new innovation comes out of their collective intelligence destined to change the world, for the betterment of mankind. This they do or rather their coding fingers and minds with a true love for humankind, bereft of any perverted multi-billion dollars of financial gain in their heads.

The revolution has just started and the future holds many more innovations and golden achievements for open source. Perhaps, our governments were also open-source! ( Although the day is not faraway, when mankind get to their true roots as humans, and not as the follower of a this tall or that high citadel's chair or take part in the whims of a mad caveman with an AK-47)

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