Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mandriva Linux 2009 Released

Mandriva has launched it latest release - Mandriva Linux 2009. This latest offering from Mandriva comes with the KDE 4.1 graphical environment.

Mandriva’s team has gone to great lengths to integrate this new environment in a way that ensures everyone - from the beginner to the hardcore can start using it immediately, with a customized graphical theme, careful choice of the most powerful applications, and a default configuration tuned to your system's particular hardware.

The latest release ensures that there is 100% graphical synchronization with mobile devices: Windows Mobile 2002 and 2003 as well as Windows Mobile 5 and 6, all Blackberry devices, and many Nokia devices.

The major changes in this release are:

# An updated set of commercial applications in the Powerpack edition: Fluendo audio and video codecs, advanced touching-up of digital images with LightZone, virtualisation with VmWare, and Google applications

# Complete overhaul of the graphic installer

# Simplification and improved reliability of application installations and updates: notification of new distribution versions via Mandriva Online, and automatic configuration of official repositories

# Latest versions of leading open source applications: integration of KDE 4.1, GNOME 2.24, 3, Firefox 3

# Faster boot time

# Improved parental control utility, now with time-based restrictions

# Installer now capable of detecting low-resource systems or netbooks, and installing an appropriate environment (GNOME is default for netbooks)

# Detection and optional automatic removal of packages known as orphans (packages previously installed which are no longer required) to optimize free space and future updates

# Constantly improving hardware support (kernel 2.6.27) with particular attention paid to netbooks

Mandriva Linux 2009 is available in three configurations:

a) Powerpack - the commercial edition, including exclusive commercial software, support, and services

b) One - a live CD which can also be installed to the system permanently (Download)

c) Free - an edition which contains only free / open source software (Download)

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